Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Diet/Herbal Tea

6. Diet/herbal teas
Eat right, exercise and drink tea!  What you put on the inside of you will be reflected almost if not on your facial appearance.  So get that beauty sleep! Exercise often to release all the toxins and stresses of the day.  Before you sleep drink a herbal tea to cleanse and detox from the food eaten throughout the day.  This also aids digestion.

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Love DHM xxx

More in the new year!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Real beauty: Inner strength

5. Real beauty, inner strength – a lot of women will testify to this
So the gospel is that we were all made in the image of Christ and we are the apple of His eye.  This means that we were all fearfully and wonderfully made.  And the truth is real beauty is knowing that Christ loves you regardless.  It’s one thing to be beautiful on the outside but this is not complete if it’s not reflected from the inside.  So for this week’s blog affirm yourself by saying aloud that you are beautiful both on the inside and out and there’s nothing nobody can do to stop that!  You are loved with an unconditional love and you are beautiful beyond words.  You can be flawless on the outside and still flawless on the inside.  This comes from being beautiful towards others and yourself.  The first video of the series was about skin care and that is really loving the skin you are in and nurturing and taking care of your skin in terms of your health and hygiene.  After a while you will begin to see a reflection of this and a radiance, if not a glow,
Tutorial 5/6:
Til next week...the final one of the series!

Love DHM xx

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

It's more than make-up

4. It’s not just about makeup….style, hair, fashion
As I said last week if you’re going to go all out then go all out and this is not just limited to makeup  but also hair and fashion.  I say to people if you’re going to wear weave and extensions then you might as well add a bit of length and bounce to it! Make sure you look flawless from top to bottom and you may be wondering well DHM this is not a tip well it is and style, fashion, hair and makeup are all under the same umbrella.  If you are going to have flawless skin, then have flawless makeup and hair plus a great outfit to go with it!  So my recommendations would be St. Claire’s hair, River Island always has the latest in terms of trends, Zara in terms of style.
Love DHM xxx