Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Diet/Herbal Tea

6. Diet/herbal teas
Eat right, exercise and drink tea!  What you put on the inside of you will be reflected almost if not on your facial appearance.  So get that beauty sleep! Exercise often to release all the toxins and stresses of the day.  Before you sleep drink a herbal tea to cleanse and detox from the food eaten throughout the day.  This also aids digestion.

For video tutorial follow the link:

Love DHM xxx

More in the new year!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Real beauty: Inner strength

5. Real beauty, inner strength – a lot of women will testify to this
So the gospel is that we were all made in the image of Christ and we are the apple of His eye.  This means that we were all fearfully and wonderfully made.  And the truth is real beauty is knowing that Christ loves you regardless.  It’s one thing to be beautiful on the outside but this is not complete if it’s not reflected from the inside.  So for this week’s blog affirm yourself by saying aloud that you are beautiful both on the inside and out and there’s nothing nobody can do to stop that!  You are loved with an unconditional love and you are beautiful beyond words.  You can be flawless on the outside and still flawless on the inside.  This comes from being beautiful towards others and yourself.  The first video of the series was about skin care and that is really loving the skin you are in and nurturing and taking care of your skin in terms of your health and hygiene.  After a while you will begin to see a reflection of this and a radiance, if not a glow,
Tutorial 5/6:
Til next week...the final one of the series!

Love DHM xx

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

It's more than make-up

4. It’s not just about makeup….style, hair, fashion
As I said last week if you’re going to go all out then go all out and this is not just limited to makeup  but also hair and fashion.  I say to people if you’re going to wear weave and extensions then you might as well add a bit of length and bounce to it! Make sure you look flawless from top to bottom and you may be wondering well DHM this is not a tip well it is and style, fashion, hair and makeup are all under the same umbrella.  If you are going to have flawless skin, then have flawless makeup and hair plus a great outfit to go with it!  So my recommendations would be St. Claire’s hair, River Island always has the latest in terms of trends, Zara in terms of style.
Love DHM xxx

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Make an impact: Be bold!

Divine House of Make-up: Tutorial #3 Make an impact: Be bold
Welcome to my weekly blog and youtube video:
This week I'll be blogging on making an impact and being bold, after all bold is beautiful! So...If you’re gonna wear makeup, wear makeup.  What I mean by this statement is go all out.  Be bold go for that Lady Danger Red lippy, or that mystic purple from Sleek cosmetics.  Make a statement with your makeup.  Focus on the brows, eyeshadows and lipsticks you choose to wear.  And I give you permission ladies to wear colour! It is very okay and the more you wear colour the more comfortable you will become.  I used to be so afraid of wearing red lipstick because of my skin tone and the day I wore it was when I knew that colour is nothing to be afraid of but rather to be embraced.  And to be honest the right shade of red can look good and flawless on absolutely anyone!  And it’s okay to wear calm and everyday nudes – this is the safe and cute option.  But why not be daring when it comes to an occasion and line your lips first before applying the bold and impactful colour lipstick of your choice.  So the three colours I recommend is a red (of course ruby woo), purple (mystic by sleek), dark brown (opal from Iman).  Always remember to line the lips and conceal to define the shape of the lips.   Sleek cosmetics do fantastic lipliners for £5 and these can be used before applying the lipstick of your choice.  So if it is red lippy you want to use add a red liner, if it’s a nude add a pinky liner.
Until next week and remember you are beautiful!
Lots of love DHM xxx

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

There's only one product: Make-up secrets revealed

Hi this is Isang from Divine House of Makeup. 
Thanks for joining this weeks’ tutorial, tips and blog.
So this week I want to talk about makeup secrets revealed.  For those of you that don’t like to spend money and like to keep it simple yet flawless to me there is only one product that makes the world of the difference…are you ready for it….C-O-N-C-E-A-L-E-R. C for Concealer. Yes concealer! Ladies and girls this is the product that makes the world of a difference.  I never knew but have found out overtime that concealer is the product that does the job! My concealer that I use is from MAC cosmetics.  I use two toners lighter than my foundation shade but you can use the same shade – I use a lighter one to highlight my brows which will be shown in another tutorial.  Concealer can be used as I said to highlight the brows, also I tend to use it under the eyes and as the name states it conceals! So to brighten up the eyes or any part of the face concealer is to be used! As well as that I use concealer to highlight the T-zone and contour. Moreover, I use concealer to give definition and shape to my lips and to ensure the curvature and shape of the lips is strictly defined.  So if you see a lady who is flawless in her makeup it’s probably due to this product of concealer.  There are many out there but as I say MAC pro concealer longwear and you can also purchase their pallettes for a range of shades and tones – for me are the best buy.  Once the concealer is applied you can go over this with your usual liquid/mousse foundation – I use NARS (Maybelline matte mousse) radiant cream compact foundation for that radiant glow! And walah! There you have your base concealed with a layer of foundation.  So here you can see I used two products! Yes only two products! Concealer and Foundation.  So recap, well there isn’t really a recap, just conceal under the eyes, around the pencilled brows the lip line and blend blend blend with your usual foundation.  So I will see you next week for more tips, tutorials and blogs.  Lots of love Divine House of Makeup.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Six week series of blogs and youtube tutorials:

  1. What people won’t tell you –skincare and hygiene

This is the BEGINNING of a weekly series in conjunction with my youtube video: - playlist SKIN IS IN

Details of what I use will be in the text below.  And do feel free to subscribe. 


So today is called SKIN IS IN SKIN IS IN! – What people won’t tell you and it’s a tutorial in skincare and hygiene.


What do I mean by SKIN IS IN? Ladies and girls you have to take care of your skin.  It is the first thing that people see and it is the canvas for makeup artistry which will be shown over the next few weeks.  So how do I take care? Keep it simple and use a bit of tlc on you face.  Exfoliate, scrub, use a face wash. 

Personally, I use Neutrogena (mask and face wash), twice daily.

I then scrub twice monthly using St. Ives Apricot face scrub.

And every now and then go for a facial (Sofitel Hotel or Colaz)

Also, touch your face less.  When you touch your face you transfer bacteria from wherever your hands were previously (transfer of bacteria).  Take care! You look more beautiful with makeup on when you have great looking, healthy skin.  And be consistent in your moisturiser: it can be anything from Vaseline to simple to a body butter but make sure that your skin is moisturised and hydrated.  If this is not the case it will show and to all the young ladies out there it will show up later on in life.  So moisturise in a circular motion all the way down to your neck and down to the top of your chest.  I absolutely love Monica, the artist – her makeup looks flawless every time and it’s probably due to great flawless skin underneath.


So just to recap: exfoliate, scrub, use a facewash, mask, get a facial once in a while this will help to attain the flawless look when makeup is actually applied and moisturise. So thanks for reading and watching this is really the introduction to the 6-week series of my makeup tutorials and blogs and I will see you all next Wednesday lots of love DHM.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

The art of relationships

The art of relationships


Relationship is defined as the connectedness between people especially an emotional connection.


You may be wondering why on earth is this makeup entrepreneur blogging about relationships. In fact, relationships add to the value of business.  An emotional connection is what causes a business to thrive, flourish and excel due to the extent at which one can relate, connect and leave feeling impacted.


Why relationships?


At a conference a couple of years ago, I was told that the key to success is through relationships i.e. who we are connected to.  As I read Estee Lauder’s, “A success story”, I am reminded of this and also in the legacy and empire she left behind.  And relationship forming is an art.  The significance of having such relationships can influence certain business ideas, positivity, creativity, clientele and support.


I guess relationships help build confidence and bring enablement henceforth a successful business.  As I ponder about Divine House of Make-up, it has been through relationships that have contributed to it being a “House” of make-up due to the many influences, support and relationships formed.


Now, back to makeup.  There is a lot of buzz this season around eyeshadows as well as nude lipsticks.  This season, I recommend a purchase of Urban Decay’s Naked Eyeshadow palette as well as a nude lippy from the one and only Mac Cosmetics.  Enjoy, share as a gift and perhaps form/renew that relationship!

"There is freedom in art and therefore make-up artistry provides a platform for creativity"

Love DHM xxx

Monday, 18 May 2015

The Universal Language


Believe it or not, to most women there is a language that is internationally known, discerned and that is the language of beauty.


From a make-up perspective this is seen throughout the globe.  Paris, London, New York and dare I say Africa.


How so? Beauty is recognised in style, decoration, creativity, presentation (see last blog), makeup application and a lady’s graceful walk and demeanour.


However subtle, however neat, beauty, has become the universal language for women and often than not speaks for itself.  So this month’s makeup tips and must haves come from the renowned internationally known MAC cosmetics:

Lady danger lippy – a summery matte orangey red lipstick for day and evening wear

Angular brush - to highlight and accentuate those brows

Paint pot – the infamous base for eyeshadow but can be worn on its own.


As in my previous posts (Research), don’t forget to look into the products you apply and focus on aftercare as well as maintaining a healthy skin care regime.  There are lots out there and a great deal of science behind makeup cosmetics. 


That’s all from me in the world of makeup artistry.


Be bold, be beautiful, be blessed and remember it starts from within ;)


Love DHM xxx

“There is freedom in art and therefore make-up artistry provides a platform for creativity” Isang Obot, Creative Director, Founder and Makeup Artist of Divine House of Makeup.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

PRESENTATION, Presentation, presentation...

LOOK AT ME! How do you feel when you have a beat face? Flawless, polished, finished and ready to go! (Survey taken from participants aged between 25-36).

What are the first things you notice when a person walks into a room? Exceptional, stunning, sloppy, rude or offensive???

Makeup adds to a fashion look and also comes under the umbrella of high fashion, health and beauty.


As we step into the Spring/Summer (SS) season, ladies add some colour to your overall look including eyes, lips and face.  Why not go for a matted lipstick (Ruby Woo) or some false lashes (Eylure)?  Be bold this SS and represent Divine House of Makeup for the entire world to see!


There is freedom in art and therefore make-up artistry provides a platform for creativity.


Love DHM @divinehouseofmakeup xx




Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Journey

The Journey

The name, “Isang” means journey in my native language.  In all we do there must be a journey.  Something always starts from somewhere.  When I think about the journey of DHM so far so good (Check out Youtube), it started with a plain and simple vision to want to learn how to apply makeup.  This then grew to want to build a clientele, a website, a blog, a youtube channel, a twitter, a tumblr, instagram, pinterest and so on and so forth. 

So the journey begins, the wiping off of excess using Loreal’s miracle oil, the spraying of Murad toner with clarisonic face brush, the prep and prime from MAC cosmetics.  The sketching on of eyebrows from the fade to the arch angle to the tip.  The defining of the brow with concealer and highlighter.  This followed by the contouring of the cheek bones, T-zone and jaw-line.  Embarking on blending using a stippler brush of your radiant liquid foundation.  Making a stop to highlight with Ben Nye and setting with MAC’s mineralising finish.  The refreshing colour added by blusher and bronzer; the accentuation of the lashes by Eylure and waterproof mascara, the strokes of eyeshadow and eyeshadow primer.  The finishing touches of a lipstick defined by lip liner.  And voila! You have arrived.  The destination ends with a touch of setting spray to a long-lasting evening spotlighted by a flawless, beat face J

Divine House of Make-up...the journey continues

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