Make an impact: Be bold!

Divine House of Make-up: Tutorial #3 Make an impact: Be bold
Welcome to my weekly blog and youtube video:
This week I'll be blogging on making an impact and being bold, after all bold is beautiful! So...If you’re gonna wear makeup, wear makeup.  What I mean by this statement is go all out.  Be bold go for that Lady Danger Red lippy, or that mystic purple from Sleek cosmetics.  Make a statement with your makeup.  Focus on the brows, eyeshadows and lipsticks you choose to wear.  And I give you permission ladies to wear colour! It is very okay and the more you wear colour the more comfortable you will become.  I used to be so afraid of wearing red lipstick because of my skin tone and the day I wore it was when I knew that colour is nothing to be afraid of but rather to be embraced.  And to be honest the right shade of red can look good and flawless on absolutely anyone!  And it’s okay to wear calm and everyday nudes – this is the safe and cute option.  But why not be daring when it comes to an occasion and line your lips first before applying the bold and impactful colour lipstick of your choice.  So the three colours I recommend is a red (of course ruby woo), purple (mystic by sleek), dark brown (opal from Iman).  Always remember to line the lips and conceal to define the shape of the lips.   Sleek cosmetics do fantastic lipliners for £5 and these can be used before applying the lipstick of your choice.  So if it is red lippy you want to use add a red liner, if it’s a nude add a pinky liner.
Until next week and remember you are beautiful!
Lots of love DHM xxx


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