Monday, 18 July 2016

Monday Make-up Tips 8! By DHM

Monday Make-up Tips 8! By DHM


Hello and welcome and yes the video will be out very soon!

I wanted to start this blog with a reminder that my spring video shoot will be out very shortly – we are just editing!


Also to start with a very basic makeup tip…to start our summery week!


TIP: Use a flat brush to add eyeshadow (Eco Tools).  Blending brush (224 MAC) for transition colour into the crease of the eyelid.  Use a primer before application (Kiko Milano eye primer).

Recommended colours: Silver (base) with a touch of glitter; Dark brown/purple (transition colour into crease).


Lots of love

DHM xxx

Monday, 4 July 2016

Monday Makeup Tips 7!

Monday Makeup Tips 7!

Starting something new – the fear factor!

To be honest, I wasn’t scared to start DHM but rather excited at the new ideas and adventure God has placed in my heart.

I can understand why many people fear from launching the creative nature within.  And there are a number of reasons: fear of rejection, fear of being broke financially and fear of failure.
But the position you currently hold may not be where you want to be or even enjoy.  In fact, instead of having the fear attached to it – you may be failing in the long run by having regret which sadly can turn into bitterness.

There are many memes and posts of doing what you love and enjoying your work so much that you do not always need a vacation from it every two months.
My previous blogs about preparation and actually STARTING are reminders that our days are in fact numbered.  So start this summer! Grab a pen, have an agenda and plan your next season – leaving the so-called “Fear Factor” behind and leaving laziness alone.  Continue to reach!

TIP: For perfect brows thread 48hrs before the occasion.

Lots of love

Isang xxx