Monday, 19 December 2016

Take your position


As the year draws to a close and the festive season springs upon us, I wanted to write more of a blog than a makeup tip and rather just a tip.  From Spring is in to introducing DHM on YouTube and now to positioning.  This word came to me in the second book of Chronicles the twentieth chapter and the seventeenth verse..."Take your positions and stand still". In my mind I imagine being lifted up to a new height and dimension and being so afraid but a voice that says, "stand still".  The fear comes from not naturally being elevated so quickly and so fast to such a position and fidgeting as a response to the elevation.  But it's okay and its life.
The blog post or article on "The difference between those who get stuck at their unfulfilling jobs and those who break free..the Unlost" was an eye-opener to say the least.  As we spend time this season remembering the birth of Jesus Christ, may we also prepare for a new year, a new 2017 and a new position."

Or the website.  You could also win FREE ENTRY !

Lots of love

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Monday, 5 December 2016

Monday Makeup Tip 19! By DHM

Monday Makeup Tip 19! By DHM

Primers Galore!


Isang, what is the best primer to use?

Personally, when I asked this question, I was directed to smashbox cosmetics for their line of primers – pore minimising to be precise.  There are also a range from No. 7 cosmetics, Rimmel, MAC and Skindinavia which have setting sprays which also work as primers.  Skindinavia was one of my recent purchases and also came along with a free gift! (another primer!)

Becca ever matte poreless primer and sacha mattifying primer.  NYX and Ben Nye also have primers and setting sprays.

I would recommend blotting sheets and fresh air!

I would advise against Milk of magnesia as this is the same as applying vinegar to your face!

For more information visit


Lots of love


DHM xx

Monday, 28 November 2016

Monday Makeup Tip 18! By DHM

What is a masterclass?

So my first ever Masterclass was launched on 1st October 2016! What a launch it was! From the positive feedback, I have decided to continue with these in the new year! And why stick to the UK! Hint....

However, for the purpose of this blog, I wanted to emphasise the meaning of the term, "Masterclass".  What differentiates a masterclass from a normal weekly lesson?

In my opinion, and from masterclasses attended, a masterclass consists of a tutor who is enthusiastic and demonstrates expertise in that particular field. It is a class filled with great value, tips and great advice.  It also offers the trainee opportunities to create a similar platform for themselves.

Monday Makeup Tip 18 by DHM: Purchase eye-primer, glitter glue, and a bit of eye glitter for the festive season that awaits us.
Nyx, Lycheexo cosmetics.

Lots of love

DHM xx

Monday, 21 November 2016

Monday Makeup Tip 17! By DHM

Monday Makeup Tip 17! by DHM

Universal Skin (Skin Inc)
My last blog on universal language was directed on universal makeup language but I would like to focus this blog on universal skin types. For more info email:


Skin characteristics

Skin aging
Thin skin
Oily Skin
Skin Burns

Anglo Saxon Countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ)




Northern Europe (including Germany and Scandanavia)


Northern Europe (including Northern England and Ireland)


South Mediterranean


Southern Europe


Monday Makeup Tip 17 by DHM: Find out your match on the table above.

Lots of love DHM xx

Monday, 14 November 2016

Monday Makeup Tip 16! By DHM

Monday Makeup Tip 16! by DHM


It is important to know which colour suits you best.  These range from clothing to makeup colours.
In terms of lipstick, these range from orange being warm, purple (cool), coral (neutral warm) and pink (neutral cool).
In terms of clothing: Ivory (warm), pure white (cool), off white (neutral warm) and winter gray (neutral cool)

Monday Makeup Tip 16 by DHM: Find out your perfect lipstick colour by taking photos on your phone and picking the best in the best light.

Lots of love DHM xx

Monday, 7 November 2016

Monday Makeup Tip 15! by DHM

Monday Makeup Tip 15! by DHM: 

My Skin vs. My Makeup

Skin is affected by: age, medication, weather, hormones, allergies and diet.

3 Factors contributory to skin appearance

1.    Melanin – pigment in skin
2.    Haemoglobin – oxygen/iron base of skin
3.    Carotene – antioxidants in orange/yellow/red fruit

Skin types range from dry/combination to combination/oily skin.  So before being creative know your skin type.
I did a previous blog on highlighting and contouring and came across a similar article in this month’s Skin Inc’s issue by Lisa Shor (The New Age Spa Institute).
Many of us have different face shapes and sizes and this will affect the way in which we highlight and contour our face.
However, contouring and highlighting is done best when we know our skin type.

Monday Makeup Tip 15 by DHM: Use a cream bronzer or highlighter if you have dry/combination skin.
Use a more powdered high definition highlighter and contour if you have combination/oily skin.

Lots of love DHM xx

Monday, 24 October 2016

Monday Makeup Tips 14! By DHM

Monday Makeup Tips 14! By DHM


After a lovely weekend of LancĂ´me and Networking, I wanted to add to the blog a tip for a flawless skin finish.


This makeup product was long sought after and I had to ask a few MUAs and watch some YouTube to find out.

Monday Makeup Tip 14: For a flawless finish to one’s makeup – add a layer of MAC Cosmetics, “Mineralize Skin finish” powder. Works a treat! J


Lots of love DHM xx

Monday, 10 October 2016

Monday Makeup Tips 13! By DHM

Monday Makeup Tips 13! By DHM

Thank you for all the support on the About DHM |Spring 2016 youtube video! There is a lot more to come so do stay tuned!

A Monday Makeup Tip that I found useful is simple yet very true…so here it goes…

Monday Makeup Tip 13: Wash your makeup brushes (I like to use shampoo) to avoid breaking out.


Lots of love DHM xx

Monday, 3 October 2016

Monday Makeup Tips 12! By DHM

Monday Makeup Tips 12! By DHM

What is baking?
Thank you again to all that attended the makeup masterclass – look out for the upcoming ones! One of the questions that came up was the idea for this weeks’ blog and is widely used in the world of makeup application today. This is the art of baking!
Baking is simply defined as setting the foundation and concealer applied using a very loose/fine powder in the form of Ben Nye banana powder or Sacha powder.
This is then applied under the eyes, forehead, cupids bow and chin to form definition of the face.   The setting powder is then left for a minute or two to “bake” and then lightly brushed off with a brush.  Not all MUAs do this and it is totally optional.  This is simply an extra step and currently trending in the world of makeup.

Monday Makeup Tip 12: Use a triangular makeup sponge or a beauty blender to bake.  These can be bought at any drug store or amazon online.

Lots of love

DHM xx

Monday, 19 September 2016

Monday Makeup Tips 11! By DHM

Monday Makeup Tips 11! By DHM



Expand was the first word that came to mind when writing this weeks' blog. 
I thought to myself, no knowledge gained is lost and that usually in life we don't see the reason for doing things until much later on. So today gain a new skill, join me at my London Masterclass and expand your skill set!

Monday Makeup Tips 11: Join me at my London Makeup Masterclass and email to register and book your place.

Lots of love,

DHM xxx

Monday, 22 August 2016

Monday Makeup Tips 10! By DHM

Monday Makeup Tips 10! By DHM

Hello!!!! Welcome to the tenth round of Monday Makeup tips by DHM and we are almost entering into the -ember months!!! So much to come before the year is out. I wanted to remind you to tweet @divinehouseofmakeup, follow me on Instagram: @divinehm and subscribe, comment and give a thumbs up to my YouTube videos via Divine House of Makeup channel.

So today's makeup tip is rather an instruction manual that I live by and may be of use to you as well:


Wipe face down
Prep and prime
Eyeshadow primer and shadow
Setting powder
Lip liner/lipstick/gloss
Prep and prime to set!

Lots of love DHM xxx

For more details on products email:

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

My boyfriend and my makeup....

My boyfriend and my makeup

My boyfriend and my makeup, 
makeup and my boyfriend, 
my boyfriend or my makeup...? These were a few titles to choose from. 

Where do business and relationships collide? Business or pleasure? This could be another option for a title. 
Where your heart is there your treasure is also. A 9-5 or an intimate relationship? Your dream career vs. a family of your own? This seems to be a topic of debate and quite a controversial one to the modern day woman. 
My boyfriend makes me feel sweet but a matte red lipstick makes me feel sweeter.
The attention and approval from the public or the attention and approval from one man. The smokey eye with a hint of glitter vs. looking into his eyes and seeing our future.

And children oh let us not forget children for they are the future. What have you done with your life? For it is but a mist? Life comes and goes but what legacy, family and mark will you leave imprinted here on planet Earth...? Question. What defines you? 
Question. What inspires you?
Question. What moves you?
Why do I ask these? Because simply the answers define you and not what you do.
My boyfriend and my makeup and you would agree are two separate entities, however, may both be necessary. I love makeup and I am inspired by its growth over the past few years. My life with Christ truly and ultimately defines me. Being a makeup artist however does not. Orphaned children move me and also those with limitations in any shape or form.
This blog is simply to ponder and take a minute. 
So my boyfriend vs. my makeup.......? My MAKEUP of course! Lol!

Lots of love ;) DHM xx

Monday, 8 August 2016

Monday Makeup Tips 9!

Monday Makeup Tips 9!


So the sun has been absolutely amazing! And what a glorious summer we are having – who needs Rio! Lol!

And I would like to share a makeup tip to add to your summer glow!


MONDAY MAKEUP TIP: Use a darker lip liner pencil in contrast to your lipstick colour and create an ombre style lipstick look.


PRODUCTS: Sleek cosmetics lipliner and Barry M lipstick


Lots of love

DHM xxx

Monday, 18 July 2016

Monday Make-up Tips 8! By DHM

Monday Make-up Tips 8! By DHM


Hello and welcome and yes the video will be out very soon!

I wanted to start this blog with a reminder that my spring video shoot will be out very shortly – we are just editing!


Also to start with a very basic makeup tip…to start our summery week!


TIP: Use a flat brush to add eyeshadow (Eco Tools).  Blending brush (224 MAC) for transition colour into the crease of the eyelid.  Use a primer before application (Kiko Milano eye primer).

Recommended colours: Silver (base) with a touch of glitter; Dark brown/purple (transition colour into crease).


Lots of love

DHM xxx

Monday, 4 July 2016

Monday Makeup Tips 7!

Monday Makeup Tips 7!

Starting something new – the fear factor!

To be honest, I wasn’t scared to start DHM but rather excited at the new ideas and adventure God has placed in my heart.

I can understand why many people fear from launching the creative nature within.  And there are a number of reasons: fear of rejection, fear of being broke financially and fear of failure.
But the position you currently hold may not be where you want to be or even enjoy.  In fact, instead of having the fear attached to it – you may be failing in the long run by having regret which sadly can turn into bitterness.

There are many memes and posts of doing what you love and enjoying your work so much that you do not always need a vacation from it every two months.
My previous blogs about preparation and actually STARTING are reminders that our days are in fact numbered.  So start this summer! Grab a pen, have an agenda and plan your next season – leaving the so-called “Fear Factor” behind and leaving laziness alone.  Continue to reach!

TIP: For perfect brows thread 48hrs before the occasion.

Lots of love

Isang xxx

Monday, 27 June 2016

Monday Makeup Tips 6!

Monday Makeup Tips 6!

Marketing and a following

Budget also comes into creating and raising awareness of a solution to a problem – a business.  What differentiates great from okay?  Going the extra mile? What does that entail?
As Divine House of Makeup is a start-up with a high aim of great success, these are things that continuously spring to mind.

What makes me different?  First and foremost it is Jesus who is at the beginning of my brand HE is the “Divine” in Divine House of Makeup.  What distinguishes me from the next? The aim of starting off as an MUA and blossoming into an entrepreneur and having a line of my own called DHM Cosmetics.

How will this reach the nations – global style? Building up firstly a community where I am based currently then perhaps nationally to internationally.  This can be helped by regular social media posts, networking, building a rapport with those who are heading in my direction or who have already been there. Talking to advisors can help, those who may be successful in other areas of business because at the end of the day – business is business – and all have the common denominator of success.

Tip: Use a paint pot as a base for eyeshadow: Soft Ochre by MAC Cosmetics

Lots of love
DHM xxx

Monday, 20 June 2016

Monday Makeup Tips 5!

Monday Makeup Tips 5!

What is in my makeup?

Ingredients, chemicals and much more.
So I came across a video on youtube and was informed of some cosmetics containing chemicals that look great on the outside but indeed can be damaging in the long-term.

1. Bismuth oxychloride – this is a chemical that gives a lot of coverage and therefore blocks pores
2. Ethylhexyl palmitate also blocks pores which our skin does not like – also found in HD Makeup Forever
3. Sodium Lareth found in cleansers and removes natural oils so this may cause the dehydrated skin outlook.

So everyone wants these things: coverage, long-lasting wear, not blocking pores.
But try to look out and research makeup chemicals that enhance your skin rather than cause long-term damage.

Tip: Blend concealer applied with fingers in a soft gentle motion to blend with makeup as much as possible.  Gives a more natural effect :)

Lots of love DHM xxx

Monday, 6 June 2016

Monday Makeup Tips 4!

Monday Makeup Tips by DHM

Today is Monday 6th June and a warm welcome to another dose of Monday Makeup Tips by DHM.

The just attended IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) was a thrill - I mean all known cosmetic brands under one roof can cause a few butterflies - and if you are an MUA you hopefully can relate.

Professionalism was another thing I took home after seeing a few familiar faces especially those MUAs I follow on instagram.  To be a professional in any field,  knowledge and keeping up-to-date especially by attending such shows and talks is what distinguishes one from the next.

So the tip of the week is....drum roll please.............................

TIP: To reduce the size of the nose add a tiny bit of highlighter straight down from the bridge of the nose all the way to the end adding some in a circular motion the end of the nose (The Rudolph part lol!)

Highlighters: MAC cosmetics, BECCA, MUA

Lots of love Isang xx

Monday, 16 May 2016

Monday Makeup Tips 3!

Monday Makeup Tips by DHM

Feeling inspired, I wanted to share some makeup product must-haves to creating a glam look:

MURAD Hydrating Toner 
CLARISONIC Mia2™ Hollywood Lights Collection 
Smashbox photo finish Primer

MAC eyebrow pencil Spiked 
Anastasia BH Dip Brow Pomade in Chocolate
MAC pro conceal palette Dark
MUA/ Sleek pencil Dark Brown

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette - Half baked, Suspect. Pistol, blackout
MAC eyeshadow - Ground brown
Illamasqua gel Eyeliner 
Ardell Lashes #107

NARS Benares
L A Girl Pro Concealer in Toffee
Ben Nye Banana Powder
MAC mineralising finish Deep

Ben Nye Contour & Highlighting Pressed colour 
MAC Ambering rose

MAC bittersweet 
MUFE Aqua lip 3C
MAC Pro lip palette (Brown) in Paramount
Illamasqua Intimacy

Have a beautiful week!

Love DHM xxx

Monday, 9 May 2016

Monday Makeup Tips 2!

Monday Makeup Tips by DHM


It's Monday and time for some Monday makeup tips by DHM!

As well as this, I would like to recommend signing up by subscription to the UK's Glossybox. Each month is a wonderful treat in lovely packaging of at least 5 cosmetics. At only £10!

Stay tuned the video is soon to be released and tweet me @divinehouseofmakeup on Twitter.

Bless xx

Tip: Use a darker foundation around the outer areas of your face.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Monday Make-up Tips!

Launching Monday Make-up Tips!

Make-up is to enhance your beauty and not to cover it up as per my last Instagram Repost (@divinehm).

Today's blog launches the series of, "Monday Make-up Tips" and these will range from tips in skincare, make-up products currently on the market and what ultimately works.

Stay tuned on Monday's to see and discover more lovely makeup tips #MondayMakeupTipsbyDHM

Tip: Apply blusher between highlight and contour

Love DHM xxx

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

What is a makeup artist?

What is a make-up artist?

A makeup artist commonly abbreviated to an MUA is a professional artist with a creative flare in applying cosmetics and accentuating one's features.  The artist is known for transforming the face of actors, brides and fashion models.

As per my last photoshoot, I was part of a team that consisted of a photographer, studio guy (often than not a videographer), a stylist, co-ordinator and hair and makeup.  This is the environment in which makeup artists can be found.

All in all, makeup artists freelance  in fashion shows, bridal/private work, work in TV/film or behind the scenes of editorial magazines.

Is it fun? Yes! Makeup is fun and applying different mediums is an art.  Makeup artistry always keeps you on your toes due to the latest trends and most importantly is a creative art which allows the artist to be free with their creativity and create a look that appeals to the eye.

Divine House of Makeup has a video coming out very soon and stay tuned for more tips in makeup artistry!  In the meantime you can subscribe by typing in "Divine House of Makeup" on Youtube.

TIP: Use a dark deep purple lipstick to draw attention to the other features of the face :)

Love DHM xxx

Monday, 4 April 2016

The Power of Make-up

The Power of Make-up

Loreal, Estee Lauder, MAC, Nars, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Iman, Makeup addictions, Makeup Forever, Rimmel, Sleek, Inglot, Kiko, MUA and Ben Nye only to name a few.

What am I talking about here?
What we know to be called cosmetics is currently a billion dollar industry.  If I think about hair and beauty and its impact in the world of fashion - in the last 5/6 years it has peaked in the areas of business, marketing and sales.

So why do I mention this?
Make-up is the face of a person, a brand, a model and a business.  This multi-faceted thing called cosmetics has taken over and built an empire so quickly and on such a gigantic scale.

I was in a pharmacy not too long ago and noticed three aisles worth of makeup alone!  This was excluding other products that pertain to cosmetics. This varied from foundations, blushers, liners, glosses, primers, lipsticks and shadows to say the least.

As an entrepreneur at Divine House of Make-up - why not be apart of makeup artistry and what seems like will soon be makeup history. 

Lots of love,

DHM xxx

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Spring is in

Spring is in

Today marks the official start to the season of Spring and what a glorious afternoon it is!
Flowers blossom, colours bloom and the sun is shining.

Spring is in and for most this may mean less makeup and more skincare regimes.

S is for start! If you haven't began your skin care routine then please get into it. Grab a moisturiser, mask, cleanser and toner from your nearest store. 
Recommendations: visit "divinehm" on Instagram

P is for primer. No matter how and no matter where always remember to prime before and after applying your full face.
Recommendations: MAC & Smashbox cosmetics

R is for red. Don't be afraid to wear a bold lip this spring to compliment an item of clothing or even match a handbag or pair of shoes 
Recommendations: MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Lady danger, MAC Russian roulette 

I is for inspire. Let your look for Spring/Summer inspire those around you. With bright colours and a flawless face - all will be wondering what brought out these lovely Spring tones.

N is for now. Do it now. Let the above tips or previous blogs be an inspiration to you now to start shopping and building up your skincare, makeup and style.

G is for glow. As the start of Spring is here glow with a fabulous bronzer to give that sun kissed look and a glistening finish
Recommendation: MAC Gold deposit mineralise skin finish

For more information visit:

"The blossoming vines spread their fragrance" (SOS 2:13)

Happy Spring:)

Love DHM xxxx

Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Image result for spring colours 2016Image result for sleek vip colours 2016



Preparation means to measure or make provision for, or an act of being prepared.

When I think of preparation it reminds me of my earlier blogs on Research (I and II) and planning.

Equipping yourself with the right tools is also important for what lies ahead.  Preparing for a holiday means you prepare by packing suitable items of clothing.  Preparing for exams means you study and prepare the appropriate material relative to the subject at hand.


So as Spring springs upon us, prepare your makeup wardrobe and kit with NARS matted foundations with the latest pastel lip colour from Sleek’s VIP line and a taste of natural moisturisers to enhance your base i.e. your skin - to give off a flawless and polished look.  As fashion brings out its Spring pastels and florals, go for some blushes and oranges for makeup lipsticks and shadows and let Spring begin in you!:)

Instagram: divinehm

Facebook: Like Divine House of Makeup

Twitter: divinehouseofmakeup


Blog and youtube videos are coming back soon! Stay tuned

Lots of love DHM xxx