Spring is in

Spring is in

Today marks the official start to the season of Spring and what a glorious afternoon it is!
Flowers blossom, colours bloom and the sun is shining.

Spring is in and for most this may mean less makeup and more skincare regimes.

S is for start! If you haven't began your skin care routine then please get into it. Grab a moisturiser, mask, cleanser and toner from your nearest store. 
Recommendations: visit "divinehm" on Instagram

P is for primer. No matter how and no matter where always remember to prime before and after applying your full face.
Recommendations: MAC & Smashbox cosmetics

R is for red. Don't be afraid to wear a bold lip this spring to compliment an item of clothing or even match a handbag or pair of shoes 
Recommendations: MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Lady danger, MAC Russian roulette 

I is for inspire. Let your look for Spring/Summer inspire those around you. With bright colours and a flawless face - all will be wondering what brought out these lovely Spring tones.

N is for now. Do it now. Let the above tips or previous blogs be an inspiration to you now to start shopping and building up your skincare, makeup and style.

G is for glow. As the start of Spring is here glow with a fabulous bronzer to give that sun kissed look and a glistening finish
Recommendation: MAC Gold deposit mineralise skin finish

For more information visit: www.divinehouseofmakeup.com

"The blossoming vines spread their fragrance" (SOS 2:13)

Happy Spring:)

Love DHM xxxx


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