Saturday, 23 November 2019

New Year New Decade!

Christmas, New Year, New Decade!

Where has the year gone?!

What has this year taught us?

This year for DHM has surely been one of growth and new beginnings.

From the launch of the lipstick line, to the second beauty, "makeup that sings" campaign in Lagos.  DHM is slowly moving forward.  Christmas is also upon us so look out for those sales and perhaps some on Black Friday!

I hope you stay tuned as 2020 promises to be another great year with an extension of the makeup line being in planning phase and more collaborations of course.

To all the DHM supporters and those yet to join, a Merry Christmas and an exceptional, life-changing 2020!

Lots of love,

DHM xx

Tuesday, 6 August 2019


What a whirlwind of the past 8 months eh!?

So much has occurred from the launch, to two campaigns of “#makeupthatsings” to much much more ahead!

So we will be @shadesofbeautyLIVE

The discussion topic is: Makeup hygiene

And I’m so excited about it.

Then we have more pop ups and exciting collaborations throughout the year-aiming high and finishing 2019 strong !

Do follow the action, spread the Word and purchase a LIPPY ! (3 for 2 on all lipsticks )

Lots of love,


Ps: we made page 6 of Glam Africa !!! Whoop 🙌🏾

Thursday, 11 April 2019



By the way HAPPY APRIL!

And Happy Spring !

What a first quarter to 2019! What a launch of my first makeup line of lipsticks.

Thank you so much to everyone that has made a purchase and I am excited for the future of DHM.

What I'm learning the more I delve into this endeavour is the art of taking risks, being bold and believing in yourself which all fall under the umbrella of stepping out of your comfort zone.

I'm learning and loving this journey of business and entrepreneurial ship and look forward to the future.

To find out more on my latest line visit:

Twitter: @dhmbyisang
Instagram: @divinehouseofmakeup

Lots of love,
DHM xx