Tuesday, 4 December 2018

New Year New Things: Introducing DHM Cosmetics by Isang

New Year New Things: Introducing DHM Cosmetics by Isang

So I am launching my very first ever cosmetics line! Yay!

The campaign will kick off with editorial photos and a video with emphasis on the cosmetics.  This has been a dream in the making and I am so so grateful for the push.  Thank you Coach Aaron T Aaron special shout out to you, to all the DHM supporters from Day 1 – I appreciate you.  Thank you Ciara for the song, “Level Up” – I’m out here trying girl! To the models and assistants that will carry the campaign – I am also grateful and to my marketing and PR team – a BIG thumbs up and thank you in advance. More to be revealed in early 2019. 

DHM Cosmetics by Isang – Let’s fly! #makeupthatsings

Lots of love,

DHM xx

Friday, 31 August 2018




So I thought I would write a blog on teaching makeup and somewhat my previous experience.

From planning my first masterclass to its execution in October 2016.  I have learned a few things I would like to share and also take this time to invite you to the next DHM Masterclass.

So I remembered speaking to a friend and she said will there be badges?  And a light bulb went – I need assistants who could easily be identified at the class and so on.

Whilst planning I also thought it’s a whole day so I would need students to be kept entertained and therefore refreshments would be required.  As well as this it is a makeup class! So….of course makeup goodies would need to be provided so students could practice at home.

I think these have always worked and made the class worthwhile.

Moreso, people who attend also want to learn about the why, the latest products and what it can be used for.  I often enjoy telling people what works, what’s trending and of course the offers on makeup cosmetic brands.


Do join us for a full intense training makeup class on Saturday 29th September in London from 12pm.


I look forward to hosting you!


Lots of love,

DHM xx

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

D H M is 4 !

Wow at 4 years I'm so grateful for what DHM has accomplished and where we will be in the next four years. From an idea birthed into a vision and this is just the beginning - the best is yet to come. From photoshoots, masterclasses, clients and magazines - I'm very excited for the future in makeup artistry and entrepreneurial-ship. And who knows, maybe a DHM Line may be coming to a store near u soon💕...DHM is 4 today!🎉🎉🎉🎉Yay! Thank you for the support, encouragement, advice and love! I am so grateful.
#DHMis4 #4thanniversary #April26th #businessanniversary #businessbday #dhm #divinehouseofmakeupbyIsang

And a makeup tip before I go:

For lovely skin that's always in try rodial face mask and L'Oréal's new sugar scrub 

Thursday, 1 March 2018



This was the theme for my just gone 2018 Spring/Summer photoshoot.  And I couldn’t have done it without the help of a fantastic team. 

Thank you everyone!

I named this theme “Sparkle” or “éclat” in French because I believe every person should sparkle, especially after a lovely makeover.

The nature of Divine House of Makeup photoshoots is always to have a bold lip or something bright on the eyes.  I believe this is what I’m known for and what actually works for my brand.

With the help of MAC cosmetics, LA girl, Morphe, to really name a few – I was able to execute a fabulous photoshoot and I’m very excited to be continuing the campaign of my JOY, PEACE & LOVE  lashes – JPL By DHM.

The video is out: https://youtu.be/_Y2tyoqda_Q

Sparkle editorial photos are out: http://www.divinehouseofmakeup.com/portfolio/

Thank you and stay tuned.

Lots of love,

DHM xxx

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

A S/S2018 stress free photoshoot

A S/S2018 stress free photoshoot

So I have just wrapped my third photoshoot and all glory to God for a successful shoot.  In doing this and executing this I came across a few tips I would like to share for those planning anything of this nature or just day-to-day life!

I came up with a checklist that I use each time I'm planning one of these and definitely help and assistance is needed for any project!

So without further ado:

Vision - check 
Inspiration - check
Theme - check
Photographer - check
Studio - check
MUA - check
Props - check
Date/time - check
Assistance - check
Refreshments - check
Timetable for the day call sheet - check
Venue - check

If all is planned, well in advance, then you are on your way to success!

Happy 2018! 

May this year fill your hearts with joy, peace and love!

Look out for the editorial pics S/S2018 DHM by Isang

Love Isang xxx