A S/S2018 stress free photoshoot

A S/S2018 stress free photoshoot

So I have just wrapped my third photoshoot and all glory to God for a successful shoot.  In doing this and executing this I came across a few tips I would like to share for those planning anything of this nature or just day-to-day life!

I came up with a checklist that I use each time I'm planning one of these and definitely help and assistance is needed for any project!

So without further ado:

Vision - check 
Inspiration - check
Theme - check
Photographer - check
Studio - check
MUA - check
Props - check
Date/time - check
Assistance - check
Refreshments - check
Timetable for the day call sheet - check
Venue - check

If all is planned, well in advance, then you are on your way to success!

Happy 2018! 

May this year fill your hearts with joy, peace and love!

Look out for the editorial pics S/S2018 DHM by Isang

Love Isang xxx


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