Monday Makeup Tips 4!

Monday Makeup Tips by DHM

Today is Monday 6th June and a warm welcome to another dose of Monday Makeup Tips by DHM.

The just attended IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) was a thrill - I mean all known cosmetic brands under one roof can cause a few butterflies - and if you are an MUA you hopefully can relate.

Professionalism was another thing I took home after seeing a few familiar faces especially those MUAs I follow on instagram.  To be a professional in any field,  knowledge and keeping up-to-date especially by attending such shows and talks is what distinguishes one from the next.

So the tip of the week is....drum roll please.............................

TIP: To reduce the size of the nose add a tiny bit of highlighter straight down from the bridge of the nose all the way to the end adding some in a circular motion the end of the nose (The Rudolph part lol!)

Highlighters: MAC cosmetics, BECCA, MUA

Lots of love Isang xx


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