Monday Makeup Tips 6!

Monday Makeup Tips 6!

Marketing and a following

Budget also comes into creating and raising awareness of a solution to a problem – a business.  What differentiates great from okay?  Going the extra mile? What does that entail?
As Divine House of Makeup is a start-up with a high aim of great success, these are things that continuously spring to mind.

What makes me different?  First and foremost it is Jesus who is at the beginning of my brand HE is the “Divine” in Divine House of Makeup.  What distinguishes me from the next? The aim of starting off as an MUA and blossoming into an entrepreneur and having a line of my own called DHM Cosmetics.

How will this reach the nations – global style? Building up firstly a community where I am based currently then perhaps nationally to internationally.  This can be helped by regular social media posts, networking, building a rapport with those who are heading in my direction or who have already been there. Talking to advisors can help, those who may be successful in other areas of business because at the end of the day – business is business – and all have the common denominator of success.

Tip: Use a paint pot as a base for eyeshadow: Soft Ochre by MAC Cosmetics

Lots of love
DHM xxx


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