Monday Makeup Tips 5!

Monday Makeup Tips 5!

What is in my makeup?

Ingredients, chemicals and much more.
So I came across a video on youtube and was informed of some cosmetics containing chemicals that look great on the outside but indeed can be damaging in the long-term.

1. Bismuth oxychloride – this is a chemical that gives a lot of coverage and therefore blocks pores
2. Ethylhexyl palmitate also blocks pores which our skin does not like – also found in HD Makeup Forever
3. Sodium Lareth found in cleansers and removes natural oils so this may cause the dehydrated skin outlook.

So everyone wants these things: coverage, long-lasting wear, not blocking pores.
But try to look out and research makeup chemicals that enhance your skin rather than cause long-term damage.

Tip: Blend concealer applied with fingers in a soft gentle motion to blend with makeup as much as possible.  Gives a more natural effect :)

Lots of love DHM xxx


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