Monday Makeup Tip 18! By DHM

What is a masterclass?

So my first ever Masterclass was launched on 1st October 2016! What a launch it was! From the positive feedback, I have decided to continue with these in the new year! And why stick to the UK! Hint....

However, for the purpose of this blog, I wanted to emphasise the meaning of the term, "Masterclass".  What differentiates a masterclass from a normal weekly lesson?

In my opinion, and from masterclasses attended, a masterclass consists of a tutor who is enthusiastic and demonstrates expertise in that particular field. It is a class filled with great value, tips and great advice.  It also offers the trainee opportunities to create a similar platform for themselves.

Monday Makeup Tip 18 by DHM: Purchase eye-primer, glitter glue, and a bit of eye glitter for the festive season that awaits us.
Nyx, Lycheexo cosmetics.

Lots of love

DHM xx


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