Monday Makeup Tip 15! by DHM

Monday Makeup Tip 15! by DHM: 

My Skin vs. My Makeup

Skin is affected by: age, medication, weather, hormones, allergies and diet.

3 Factors contributory to skin appearance

1.    Melanin – pigment in skin
2.    Haemoglobin – oxygen/iron base of skin
3.    Carotene – antioxidants in orange/yellow/red fruit

Skin types range from dry/combination to combination/oily skin.  So before being creative know your skin type.
I did a previous blog on highlighting and contouring and came across a similar article in this month’s Skin Inc’s issue by Lisa Shor (The New Age Spa Institute).
Many of us have different face shapes and sizes and this will affect the way in which we highlight and contour our face.
However, contouring and highlighting is done best when we know our skin type.

Monday Makeup Tip 15 by DHM: Use a cream bronzer or highlighter if you have dry/combination skin.
Use a more powdered high definition highlighter and contour if you have combination/oily skin.

Lots of love DHM xx


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