My boyfriend and my makeup....

My boyfriend and my makeup

My boyfriend and my makeup, 
makeup and my boyfriend, 
my boyfriend or my makeup...? These were a few titles to choose from. 

Where do business and relationships collide? Business or pleasure? This could be another option for a title. 
Where your heart is there your treasure is also. A 9-5 or an intimate relationship? Your dream career vs. a family of your own? This seems to be a topic of debate and quite a controversial one to the modern day woman. 
My boyfriend makes me feel sweet but a matte red lipstick makes me feel sweeter.
The attention and approval from the public or the attention and approval from one man. The smokey eye with a hint of glitter vs. looking into his eyes and seeing our future.

And children oh let us not forget children for they are the future. What have you done with your life? For it is but a mist? Life comes and goes but what legacy, family and mark will you leave imprinted here on planet Earth...? Question. What defines you? 
Question. What inspires you?
Question. What moves you?
Why do I ask these? Because simply the answers define you and not what you do.
My boyfriend and my makeup and you would agree are two separate entities, however, may both be necessary. I love makeup and I am inspired by its growth over the past few years. My life with Christ truly and ultimately defines me. Being a makeup artist however does not. Orphaned children move me and also those with limitations in any shape or form.
This blog is simply to ponder and take a minute. 
So my boyfriend vs. my makeup.......? My MAKEUP of course! Lol!

Lots of love ;) DHM xx


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