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Preparation means to measure or make provision for, or an act of being prepared.

When I think of preparation it reminds me of my earlier blogs on Research (I and II) and planning.

Equipping yourself with the right tools is also important for what lies ahead.  Preparing for a holiday means you prepare by packing suitable items of clothing.  Preparing for exams means you study and prepare the appropriate material relative to the subject at hand.


So as Spring springs upon us, prepare your makeup wardrobe and kit with NARS matted foundations with the latest pastel lip colour from Sleek’s VIP line and a taste of natural moisturisers to enhance your base i.e. your skin - to give off a flawless and polished look.  As fashion brings out its Spring pastels and florals, go for some blushes and oranges for makeup lipsticks and shadows and let Spring begin in you!:)

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