What is a makeup artist?

What is a make-up artist?

A makeup artist commonly abbreviated to an MUA is a professional artist with a creative flare in applying cosmetics and accentuating one's features.  The artist is known for transforming the face of actors, brides and fashion models.

As per my last photoshoot, I was part of a team that consisted of a photographer, studio guy (often than not a videographer), a stylist, co-ordinator and hair and makeup.  This is the environment in which makeup artists can be found.

All in all, makeup artists freelance  in fashion shows, bridal/private work, work in TV/film or behind the scenes of editorial magazines.

Is it fun? Yes! Makeup is fun and applying different mediums is an art.  Makeup artistry always keeps you on your toes due to the latest trends and most importantly is a creative art which allows the artist to be free with their creativity and create a look that appeals to the eye.

Divine House of Makeup has a video coming out very soon and stay tuned for more tips in makeup artistry!  In the meantime you can subscribe by typing in "Divine House of Makeup" on Youtube.

TIP: Use a dark deep purple lipstick to draw attention to the other features of the face :)


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