Six week series of blogs and youtube tutorials:

  1. What people won’t tell you –skincare and hygiene

This is the BEGINNING of a weekly series in conjunction with my youtube video: - playlist SKIN IS IN

Details of what I use will be in the text below.  And do feel free to subscribe. 


So today is called SKIN IS IN SKIN IS IN! – What people won’t tell you and it’s a tutorial in skincare and hygiene.


What do I mean by SKIN IS IN? Ladies and girls you have to take care of your skin.  It is the first thing that people see and it is the canvas for makeup artistry which will be shown over the next few weeks.  So how do I take care? Keep it simple and use a bit of tlc on you face.  Exfoliate, scrub, use a face wash. 

Personally, I use Neutrogena (mask and face wash), twice daily.

I then scrub twice monthly using St. Ives Apricot face scrub.

And every now and then go for a facial (Sofitel Hotel or Colaz)

Also, touch your face less.  When you touch your face you transfer bacteria from wherever your hands were previously (transfer of bacteria).  Take care! You look more beautiful with makeup on when you have great looking, healthy skin.  And be consistent in your moisturiser: it can be anything from Vaseline to simple to a body butter but make sure that your skin is moisturised and hydrated.  If this is not the case it will show and to all the young ladies out there it will show up later on in life.  So moisturise in a circular motion all the way down to your neck and down to the top of your chest.  I absolutely love Monica, the artist – her makeup looks flawless every time and it’s probably due to great flawless skin underneath.


So just to recap: exfoliate, scrub, use a facewash, mask, get a facial once in a while this will help to attain the flawless look when makeup is actually applied and moisturise. So thanks for reading and watching this is really the introduction to the 6-week series of my makeup tutorials and blogs and I will see you all next Wednesday lots of love DHM.


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