There's only one product: Make-up secrets revealed

Hi this is Isang from Divine House of Makeup. 
Thanks for joining this weeks’ tutorial, tips and blog.
So this week I want to talk about makeup secrets revealed.  For those of you that don’t like to spend money and like to keep it simple yet flawless to me there is only one product that makes the world of the difference…are you ready for it….C-O-N-C-E-A-L-E-R. C for Concealer. Yes concealer! Ladies and girls this is the product that makes the world of a difference.  I never knew but have found out overtime that concealer is the product that does the job! My concealer that I use is from MAC cosmetics.  I use two toners lighter than my foundation shade but you can use the same shade – I use a lighter one to highlight my brows which will be shown in another tutorial.  Concealer can be used as I said to highlight the brows, also I tend to use it under the eyes and as the name states it conceals! So to brighten up the eyes or any part of the face concealer is to be used! As well as that I use concealer to highlight the T-zone and contour. Moreover, I use concealer to give definition and shape to my lips and to ensure the curvature and shape of the lips is strictly defined.  So if you see a lady who is flawless in her makeup it’s probably due to this product of concealer.  There are many out there but as I say MAC pro concealer longwear and you can also purchase their pallettes for a range of shades and tones – for me are the best buy.  Once the concealer is applied you can go over this with your usual liquid/mousse foundation – I use NARS (Maybelline matte mousse) radiant cream compact foundation for that radiant glow! And walah! There you have your base concealed with a layer of foundation.  So here you can see I used two products! Yes only two products! Concealer and Foundation.  So recap, well there isn’t really a recap, just conceal under the eyes, around the pencilled brows the lip line and blend blend blend with your usual foundation.  So I will see you next week for more tips, tutorials and blogs.  Lots of love Divine House of Makeup.


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