PRESENTATION, Presentation, presentation...

LOOK AT ME! How do you feel when you have a beat face? Flawless, polished, finished and ready to go! (Survey taken from participants aged between 25-36).

What are the first things you notice when a person walks into a room? Exceptional, stunning, sloppy, rude or offensive???

Makeup adds to a fashion look and also comes under the umbrella of high fashion, health and beauty.


As we step into the Spring/Summer (SS) season, ladies add some colour to your overall look including eyes, lips and face.  Why not go for a matted lipstick (Ruby Woo) or some false lashes (Eylure)?  Be bold this SS and represent Divine House of Makeup for the entire world to see!


There is freedom in art and therefore make-up artistry provides a platform for creativity.


Love DHM @divinehouseofmakeup xx





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