The Universal Language


Believe it or not, to most women there is a language that is internationally known, discerned and that is the language of beauty.


From a make-up perspective this is seen throughout the globe.  Paris, London, New York and dare I say Africa.


How so? Beauty is recognised in style, decoration, creativity, presentation (see last blog), makeup application and a lady’s graceful walk and demeanour.


However subtle, however neat, beauty, has become the universal language for women and often than not speaks for itself.  So this month’s makeup tips and must haves come from the renowned internationally known MAC cosmetics:

Lady danger lippy – a summery matte orangey red lipstick for day and evening wear

Angular brush - to highlight and accentuate those brows

Paint pot – the infamous base for eyeshadow but can be worn on its own.


As in my previous posts (Research), don’t forget to look into the products you apply and focus on aftercare as well as maintaining a healthy skin care regime.  There are lots out there and a great deal of science behind makeup cosmetics. 


That’s all from me in the world of makeup artistry.


Be bold, be beautiful, be blessed and remember it starts from within ;)


Love DHM xxx

“There is freedom in art and therefore make-up artistry provides a platform for creativity” Isang Obot, Creative Director, Founder and Makeup Artist of Divine House of Makeup.


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