The art of relationships

The art of relationships


Relationship is defined as the connectedness between people especially an emotional connection.


You may be wondering why on earth is this makeup entrepreneur blogging about relationships. In fact, relationships add to the value of business.  An emotional connection is what causes a business to thrive, flourish and excel due to the extent at which one can relate, connect and leave feeling impacted.


Why relationships?


At a conference a couple of years ago, I was told that the key to success is through relationships i.e. who we are connected to.  As I read Estee Lauder’s, “A success story”, I am reminded of this and also in the legacy and empire she left behind.  And relationship forming is an art.  The significance of having such relationships can influence certain business ideas, positivity, creativity, clientele and support.


I guess relationships help build confidence and bring enablement henceforth a successful business.  As I ponder about Divine House of Make-up, it has been through relationships that have contributed to it being a “House” of make-up due to the many influences, support and relationships formed.


Now, back to makeup.  There is a lot of buzz this season around eyeshadows as well as nude lipsticks.  This season, I recommend a purchase of Urban Decay’s Naked Eyeshadow palette as well as a nude lippy from the one and only Mac Cosmetics.  Enjoy, share as a gift and perhaps form/renew that relationship!

"There is freedom in art and therefore make-up artistry provides a platform for creativity"

Love DHM xxx


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