The Journey

The Journey

The name, “Isang” means journey in my native language.  In all we do there must be a journey.  Something always starts from somewhere.  When I think about the journey of DHM so far so good (Check out Youtube), it started with a plain and simple vision to want to learn how to apply makeup.  This then grew to want to build a clientele, a website, a blog, a youtube channel, a twitter, a tumblr, instagram, pinterest and so on and so forth. 

So the journey begins, the wiping off of excess using Loreal’s miracle oil, the spraying of Murad toner with clarisonic face brush, the prep and prime from MAC cosmetics.  The sketching on of eyebrows from the fade to the arch angle to the tip.  The defining of the brow with concealer and highlighter.  This followed by the contouring of the cheek bones, T-zone and jaw-line.  Embarking on blending using a stippler brush of your radiant liquid foundation.  Making a stop to highlight with Ben Nye and setting with MAC’s mineralising finish.  The refreshing colour added by blusher and bronzer; the accentuation of the lashes by Eylure and waterproof mascara, the strokes of eyeshadow and eyeshadow primer.  The finishing touches of a lipstick defined by lip liner.  And voila! You have arrived.  The destination ends with a touch of setting spray to a long-lasting evening spotlighted by a flawless, beat face J

Divine House of Make-up...the journey continues

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