Make-up is not about covering up blemishes or impressing others but rather about accentuating one’s features for everyday or occasional looks.  Make-up brands range from: Mac, Iman, Makeup Forever, Illamasqua, Bobbi Brown, Bare Minerals, L’Oreal, No. 7, Sleek, MUA, Rimmel and Revlon to name a few.  The make-up industry is constantly seeking make-up that not only is long-lasting but that can be applied by those who are passionate and care about the application process and after care.

Welcome to the official blog of Divine House of Make-Up aka DHM’s blog!!!!!!!

So this blog will mainly display my portfolio captures of fantastic looks as well as the latest products on the market and products of interest.

I will also post my latest inspirational messages from the humble DHM.
Stay tuned and enjoy the updates....

“There is freedom in art and therefore make-up artistry provides a platform for
creativity” - DHM


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