I had recently read in the New Yorker that, "creativity comes when insight is combined with hardwork of analytical processing".

I guess when I think of being creative or one who is creative I think of NEW.  New things, new ideas.  A choreographer, an artist, a writer, a scientist, a mathematician (New Yorker).

Although, as I read further I came across something so profound, "creativity is the process and not just the product." So this means being creative is not just the result of the idea but the journey of how it came about i.e. insight.

Personally, I love creativity.  I love new. This can be seen by one of my pieces, "Fluorescence" (see tumblr and attached).  Here, I used a range of lipstick colours - the more daring colours being: blue, green and yellow. The process was simply researching the different looks (see previous blogs on Research/II) and finding out which brands sell the products.  Through creativity, I was able to gain experience working with one of the buyers and producing a final product.

I remember I would always shy away from wearing red lipstick (see attached ruby woo red lipstick by MAC cosmetics) but overtime I saw that the use of colour was what made the difference.  As a make-up artist, displaying various looks, I see it as imperative to develop new and exciting ideas that are creative and also acknowledge the process of getting there.

I googled the term, "creative director" in terms of business and came up with these definitions:

- the person responsible for the creative vision, the look, the feel and the tone of a brand, hence the vibrant pink used in my brand logo (see DHM logo).

-functionally responsible for briefing, spotting a great idea, shaping, protecting it, leading it to global production and activation.

So be creative, get out there and stand out!

"There is freedom in art and therefore make-up artistry provides a platform for creativity"
Isang Obot, Creative Director/Founder of Divine House of Make-up


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