Monday Makeup Tips 3 by DHM

Monday Makeup Tips 3 by DHM:
Skin hydration

Keep your skin hydrated by constant moisturising and drinking lots of water.  As I’ve always mentioned in my youtube videos and previous blogs, the best makeup looks are when the skin is flawless before makeup is applied.  This also helps prevent aging skin.  
For those with acne, this can be overcome by specific acne facials and cleansers.
Always tone, steam, mask, moisturise, and have regular facials.  Use sunscreen to protect skin from UVA and UVB as an anti-oxidant protection to avoid irritation.

Problematic skin: hyperpigmentation, dry-mature, sensitive, clogged pores, inflamed skin, rosacea (black heads/pimples). These can be overcome by using the above processes.

Look out for the NEW Victoria Beckham Estee Lauder line coming in September.

Monday Makeup Tip 3 By DHM: Moisturise with Neutrogena hydroboost water gel SPF15 and L’Oréal revitalift Day moisturiser.

Lots of love, 

DHM xx


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