Monday Makeup Tips by DHM 4! & Thank you!

Monday Makeup Tips by DHM 4! & Thank you! 

Thank you for the success and support from the just gone masterclass no.3 and our third anniversary! All glory to God. Thank you times a billion!

This is a brief blog and just to inform that our masterclasses are still on and will continue throughout the year. So stay tuned! 1:1 sessions have also been launched so do get in contact for more details:
We are going abroad the last quarter of the year so lookout for that! And just to note another makeup tutorial for a nude to evening look will be posted on YouTube very very soon. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, SHARE & COMMENT!

Monday Makeup Tip 4 By DHM: Try the new MUA concealer pallette - it's awesome!

Lots of love

DHM xxx


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