10 fun facts you didn't know about lipstick!

10 fun facts you didn't know about lipstick: 

1) The number 1 lipstick brand is MAC lipstick but of course DHM will soon rule the world! 

2) BRIGHT shades make you look younger 

3) RED lipstick makes your teeth look whiter 

4) The 3 main reasons women wear lipstick: to look better, to boost confidence, to fit the occasion/compliment style 

5) Signs you're wearing a good lipstick: lasts all day, smells good and is hydrating 

6) The best shade for mature women are deep maroon, plum, purple shades 

7) Lip bleeding is a term to describe smudges in lipstick, uneven lines, when lipstick runs. This can be avoided by using both a lip primer and/or lip liner. 

8) By 2025 the global lipstick market is set to reach $18.9 billion. 

9) The most expensive lipstick is $62,000 

10) Historically, wearing lipstick was a sign of emancipation. 

Hope you learned a fun new fact! And we have a lovely new NEW website for you all to see!

Lots of love, 

DHM xx

(Model wearing lipstick in shade divine: https://www.divinehouseofmakeup.com/product/divine/)


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