So this is Christmas! 2020

So this is Christmas! 2020! What a year to go down in the history books!

We hope you are all well and in the festive spirit!! As we wrap up this year and enter month 12 this blog is just to say a HUGE THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for all support and business throughout 2020 and we hope it would continue into 2021! We hope you have a divine Christmas! We have online makeup consultation services highlighted in this blog if you would like some 1:1 makeup advice during the holidays!

We are here for you! DHM is at your service, right in your home, online!
We are offering online makeup consultations in the following packages:

30 mins - £30
1 hr - £50
2 hrs  - £80
3 hrs - £150

We go through your skincare, undertones, shades, products, trends, tools and techniques.

If you require an MUA for your super important interview, zoom, Skype, MS Teams meetings - we are available also for mobile services and are COVID-19 Certified.

We help with your makeup frustrations and ongoing shopping product needs!

We also offer 1:1 and group masterclasses and adhoc random 30 min consultations when doing your own makeup, LIVE shopping spree of products or applying makeup to your client.  Email us to book: 

Do your best and DHM will do the rest!

If you haven't already,  do kindly respond with your email address to be added to our monthly newsletter and to stay tuned with DHM updates!

In case you didn’t catch it, here’s our interview with refined NG
And the lovely Jay Blissy will be trying our lippies this weekend!!  And also DHM comes to John Lewis......

We have so much in store and a little surprise for those signed up to our monthly newsletter!!

Happy shopping for the holidays maybe for someone special !!!

From all of us at Divine House of Makeup, again we hope you have a divine Christmas and 2021 will indeed be better!

Lots of love,

DHM xxx


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