The Imperfect Runway To Glory

The Imperfect Runway To Glory

So I've been an author for 2 months and what can I say? 

I picked up my book this morning and could only be grateful.  Not only to God for ordering my footsteps but to my book coach - flo_igboayaka who I had been introduced to through my mentor, who I had been introduced to by my coach.

I now look back and think I would not have met all these angels if I had not been hungry or desiring more from life.

As it says in my book, I remember a previous contract coming to an end, but I still felt like having a birthday bash around that time and inviting a number of friends to celebrate.  I wanted to host - despite the cost and knowing that I had also booked an expensive trip to Israel aka The Promise Land! My close friend at the time said I was living on edge because my contract was ending and because of my upcoming holiday.  I had both the birthday and went to the Promise Land.  I met amazing people in Israel, gospel artists and came back refreshed.  On the flight back, I had encountered my current coach and mentor (see my book for details).  I joined coaching with reluctance because I had just experienced one prior that I felt was a bit harsh! Through coaching, I read a book that shifted my mindset, "Put Your Dreams To The Test" by John Maxwell.  Through various group coaching sessions, I engaged with others on this journey of growth and discovery and shared similar values with my mentor who I also came across.  Two months later I had landed an even better contract!
Through various interactions and the release of my mentor's first book, this led me to be put in contact with our book coach flo_igboayaka who aided me in writing and publishing my first self-help, biographical book.

Today, I have a best-selling book in Waterstones and Amazon (see links below) and currently working on the audio version.

To see a vision, thought, idea or concept come to fruition is sometimes mind-boggling but our minds are powerful and as are our thoughts.

I hope you continue to desire more in life and enjoy living out your visions.

Like the book goes,

"...there is more and success is a school not often taught or studied" - Isang Obot, The Imperfect Runway To Glory. 

I hope you enjoy the read and if you have, kindly leave a review !

Lots of love,

DHM xx




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