Keep Learning

 It's almost Q4 of 2022 and my life is really in session! It seems things are getting back to normal but have certainly changed post-pandemic.  Our lipglosses are almost sold but we have plenty Midnight lippies for you!

I am back in coaching and the latest chapter of the book I'm reading is challenging me to learn from my mistakes, be humble enough to admit where I went wrong and take responsibility for it.  According to John Maxwell, "Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn," this is the character trait of a successful, inspirational person who learns, grows and improves him/herself.

I was challenged because as an entrepreneur I am constantly criticising my work to see how I can do things better, grow and be successful.  I have found that learning is continuous and always a journey.  Knowing that the more you learn the less you know is true but as is the more you learn, the more we should unlearn.

As a business woman, I have still some lofty goals I would like to achieve with DHM and to get to achieve these goals, I must take stock of things I have learned that have gone well and not so well. 

So I end to say, keep learning, keep showing up, keep owning it, take responsibility and keep growing.  

The sky is certainly not the limit.

Lots of love,

DHM xx


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