Research II

It is important to know the ins and outs of whatever you are involved in i.e. to have insight.   Being knowledgeable in your field and having the right insight tells the next person that you indeed know what you are talking about, and this represents your brand/company well or even yourself - making it attractive.

As a Make-up Artist (MUA), it is important to know my market i.e. :

Who is the audience that I am catering to?

What is their age?

Skin type?

Skin colour/tone?

What is the event/occasion?

What is the duration of the event?

What look are they going for?

These will help me organise my product selection and application process.  Furthermore this research involves networking with fellow MUAs/professionals for further advice on products, the latest and also for inspiration.

So....get your pen and notepad ready and network via social media, fellow professionals in your field, request for work experience and so on and so forth.

Though fearful to launch - the journey is exciting! Be frank, be professional and have a vision.

Love DHM xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
"Everything has beauty...but not everyone sees it" - Divine House of Make-Up (DHM)


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