Good afternoon All!

So I thought I would share my thoughts on the research and planning of Divine House of Make-Up.  It is most vital to anything in life and especially for starting out on a new venture like myself.

So where did it all begin?
I came up with the name "Divine House of Make-Up" (DHM) because I wanted an artsy feel to the name and company. Many fashion icons use the term "House of..." for their line so I wanted to incorporate this for mine too and of course "Divine" comes from my Help and my Source, Jesus Christ.
I started applying make-up a couple of years ago with a friend of mine and we experimented with different looks.  I later bought a portfolio to transfer these once printed and the rest is make-up history!

The first ever photoshoot!
This began one day whilst surfing the net.  I was researching make-up artists and make-up in general and wanted to build up on earlier pieces from my portfolio.   God gave me the grace to gather a few looks and I thought it would be fun to name them e.g. sunkissed, barbie (to name a few).  I gathered a few models, a couple of photographers, a videographer/editor and a studio.....and there it was, the first Divine House of Make-Up Winter Photoshoot 2014 - we thank the Lord!

What's next for DHM?
Divine House of make-up is mainly in the business of make-up application and creating bold and high fashion looks #hautecouture.  These can be viewed on our very own Youtube channel and video and also on our tumblr.

The next step for DHM is more events, shows, networking and of course the product line - all of which require research and careful planning.

In essence, I can honestly say that planning is crucial and the foundation that will in fact determine the success of a thing.

So research, get writing, and plan plan plan! It will happen!

"You are beautiful...beautiful beyond words" (SOS 4:1) - DHM

For pictures from the launch party visit divinehm on instagram OR


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